Solid Modeling and Solidworks

Over the years I have used most of the available solid modeling packages for machine design and part detailing.  Autodesk Inventor, PRO/E, CATIA, and Solidworks.  I tried Sketch Up once and considered it an abomination – it is in a strange uncanny valley between engineering and consumer uses.

Inventor and Solidworks are extremely similar in appearance and function but Solidworks is by far the package I have used the most.  It is my current favorite (having learned all of the its idiosyncrasies) and has a nice blend of usability and performance.  I have easily surpassed the 10,000 hour mark but still have much to learn.

That being said I have learned a few tips and tricks over the years and plan to share them here.  Stay tuned for some Solidworks specific posts.


The Enginoor


The goal of this site is for me to share engineering videos, topics, or stories that I personally find interesting. I plan to cover a lot of automation, mechanical design, and maybe provide some light analysis. If you’re into machinery or manufacturing expect to see a lot of really cool stuff here.

I am a BSME and have a background in aerospace assembly, manufacturing automation, and machine tool design.