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Laser Displacement 3D Scanner

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This 3D scanner project is built around a second-hand Baumer OADM SA35 laser displacement sensor. This type of sensor seems to be relatively unknown in the hobbyist maker space and I’m not sure if it’s due to obscurity or the high upfront cost (hundreds of dollars).  These sensors have high accuracy, rapid response times, and operate without physical contact. They typically employ a triangulation-based method, utilizing a laser and a sensor to measure the position […]

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Creating Custom Infill for Your Printed Parts

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Reducing material volume is a necessity in additive manufacturing.  Using excess material in your part is a waste and can be costly no matter what your printing method looks like. This material reduction process could be termed as “lightweighting” but many people are more familiar with the concept of creating “infill.”  Nomenclature is a little unclear here but we’re talking about the same thing. A typical infill is a low material-density pattern that replaces solid […]

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Printing Flexible Parts

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SLS prints can be very flexible.  The key is designing features that will allow the typical Nylon PA 12 material to flex where needed.  3D printing makes it very easy to pattern small intricate flexure features across a part.  Each individual flexure only needs to bend a tiny amount to contribute to a larger overall bending across a part.  The part is SLS printed in a static unflexed state and is immediately flexible when removed […]