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New Site for Mechanical Designs and Automation Ideas

I’m launching a new site to catalog mechanical designs and provide inspiration for automation equipment.

I would call this a “design library” or “idea library” for mechanical equipment and automation. I’m a mechanical design engineer by trade and I haven’t found a good resource for collecting mechanical ideas or cataloging cool designs. My new site will try to fill that void.

I’m building this for myself so I’m not sure what the utility or broad appeal will be. But check it out if you’re into animated mechanical gifs.

The Enginoor


The goal of this site is for me to share engineering videos, topics, or stories that I personally find interesting. I plan to cover a lot of automation, mechanical design, and maybe provide some light analysis. If you’re into machinery or manufacturing expect to see a lot of really cool stuff here.

I am a BSME and have a background in aerospace assembly, manufacturing automation, and machine tool design.